Smart High Tea Guide

High Tea Smart Guide

Nothing can make us happier than the smile on your face after a successful high tea event! Read through to find out how you too can become one of Australia’s most awesome event organisers:
  • Become familiar with the inclusions of your package 
  • All items & allotted quantities supplied will be listed on your invoice. If an item is not listed, that means it is not included. 
  • Read our emails and forms. We may have something important to say 🙂 
  • Inform the guest of honour of all arrangements . (Unless it is a surprise party)
  • Return all required documents and forms before the cut-off date.
  • If you are hiring a venue, review the facilities and equipment on offer. 
  • A good venue should be equipped with power, running water, an oven and a fridge.
  • If your venue is in a busy area, reserve parking for our team on-site or nearby.
  • Ideal table capacity for a high tea: 6-8 guests per table. 
  • Tables & Chairs (You can provide your own, hire from us, or from another company)
  • Tents & Marquees (You can provide your own if required, or use a third party company)
  • Ovens (For food safety, savoury items come chilled. We need access to an oven to heat them up. If no oven is available, you can hire one from us or another company)
  • Powered Refrigeration (Sweets need refrigeration until served)
  • Generators (If no power is available on site, please supply a generator 2.5kw or more)
  • Flowers (You can provide your own or use a third party florist)
  • Alcohol (We are licensed to serve but not to supply/sell)
  • Wait staff
  • Water & Ice
3. WHAT CAN DELAY AN EVENT: It is all about access & timing!
  • Setting up on a terrace / rooftop without direct lift access. 
  • Kitchen facilities are too far away, or no facilities exist at all. 
  • Event is held in a hotel room or a serviced apartment. 
  • No parking is reserved for our team, especially in areas with limited parking.
  • Vehicle or trolley access is not possible due to restricted or uneven terrain.
  • Accurate information regarding facilities & access have not been provided
  • Tables & chairs are not in place when we arrive (N/A if we supply these)
  • More than two flights of stairs and no lift access.
  • Delivery team on the day is trying to get in touch & the organiser is not picking up their phone. 
  • The designated Key Holder is running late. 
4. OUTDOOR EVENTS & ADVERSE WEATHER: Contingency is the word!
  • For the safety of guests & staff we may not setup on unsafe or steep terrain. 
  • Setting up under strong sun without cover can lessen your enjoyment. The sweets will melt and the sun can become uncomfortable very quickly. 
  • Wind makes it extremely difficult to lay tables and may result in breakages and significant delays. Wind will most likely lessen your enjoyment. 
  • Please have a contingency plan in case of wind. Damages to equipment due to wind/rain, will be covered by the client. 
Tip: Setting up outdoors can be challenging and unpredictable. Always have a contingency plan when organising an outdoor event.
Your smile makes our day! If you encounter an unexpected problem on the day, stay calm & kindly ask for assistance. We love helping and if we can help in any way, we will. 
– Shout at, vent out or ridicule hospitality staff.
– Make unreasonable demands and become hostile when demands cannot be met. 
– Make threats of any nature towards the staff, the company and its directors.
High Tea Delights has Zero Tolerance Policy towards staff abuse. The service will be terminated immediately and no refund will be issued.
We kindly advise our clients to become familiar with the entire process. Understanding the inclusions of your package, reading our emails as well as the tips provided on our website will help you and your guests enjoy an unforgettable event.  
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