How to host a high tea at home

How to Host a High Tea

How to Host a High tea at Home
Living in Sydney and planning on hosting a tea party at home? An afternoon tea is one of the most elegant, most refined ways to entertain family and friends alike. Elegant, intimate, and cosy, a high tea at home will make guests feel superbly comfortable and relaxed. Thus, High Tea is becoming more and more popular when celebrating or when entertaining for leisure.

To host a successful high tea in Sydney you will need a vast amount of fine china, elegant cutlery, linen and delicious high tea treats. High tea is a traditional practice, and the success of your tea party at home depends on how well the hostess stayed true to the traditional customs surrounding such an event and on the quality of the china and food presented on the celebration table.

The interesting fact about high tea in general across Sydney is that there are many entertainers who wish to host a high tea at home for friends and family members but more likely will not be as perfect and elegant as the hosts may want. What if you don’t have all the equipment and the know-how?

Unless you host tea parties regularly, it would be a very expensive exercise to purchase all the things you will need for the perfect high tea at home. These include fine teapots, teacups, saucers, cake plates, tiered cake stands, sugar bowls and milk jugs, teaspoons, dessert forks, dessert spoons, knives, and of course delicious freshly baked treats. Since High Tea is an exquisite way of entertaining, you’ll need more elegant, more ornate sets, which can be quite pricey.

There is now a more cost-effective way of hosting the Best High tea in Sydney. This is where High Tea Delights can help you.

Mobile High Tea catering services like High Tea Delights bring the High Tea to Homes in Sydney for which we prepare and provide everything you need for your special event. High Tea Delights offers the most competitive High Tea packages in Sydney without any compromise. We provide our customers with the highest level of service, the best china, the finest tea, and the most sumptuous sweets and savoury delicacies.

What we offer?
High Tea Delights has hosted some of the most talked about and exquisite High Teas in Sydney. Our catering menu consists of four extremely beautiful and elegant china sets from which our clients can choose from. In addition, we also offer high quality cutlery, and traditional yet beautiful silverware, plus there are a number of optional add-ons which clients can choose from in order to host the perfect high tea at your home in Sydney.

When you choose us to organize high tea at your home in Sydney you get to choose from a tea set which matches your own personal style, plus you get to choose your favorite sweets, and other savoury delights. This makes our high tea catering services perfect for occasions like bridal showers, weddings, cocktail parties etc.

High tea is an art
High Tea Delights is one of the few services in Sydney which brings the traditional glamour and beauty of high tea to every home and business across Sydney. Our services include expensive crockery hire, crockery which is made from vintage china, fine silverware, champagne glasses, crisp linen and numerous other add-ons.

If you are planning an high tea event then look no further than High Tea Delights. Visit High Tea Delights or Call: 02-95995569 to discuss your event today.