Areas we Service

Areas We Service

High Tea Delights are proud to offer our prestigious high tea catering services to a wide area of Sydney! However, due to logistic reasons we are unable to service the entire Sydney Metropolitan area at this time.

This guide applies to catered high tea packages only

Do you deliver to my area?
To determine if we offer our catered high tea services at your location, simply see the interactive map below. Serviced areas are divided in 3 Zones, marked with coloured overlays in Purple, Blue, and GreyAreas located inside each zone indicate serviceability and minimum spend.
How to use this interactive map:
Areas located inside each zone indicate the minimum spend.
  • Use the hand tool to move the map around
  • Use the zoom tool or your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Mobile users simply pinch in and out of the screen.
  • Use the view larger map tool to view this map on Google maps
  • Use the share tool to share this interactive map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum spend for my area?
Areas located inside each highlighted layer on the interactive map indicate the minimum spend
  • Zone 1: Minimum spend in areas inside the Purple overlay is $975 (plus delivery fees if applicable)
  • Zone 2: Minimum spend in areas outside the Purple Overlay and inside the Blue overlay is $1,350 (plus delivery fees if applicable)
  • Zone 3: Minimum spend in areas outside the Blue Overlay and inside the Grey overlay is $1,995 (plus delivery fees)
  • Please note the minimum spend does not include auxiliary services such as delivery fees or wait staff (if applicable).
What are the delivery fees?
  • We offer free delivery, setup and collection within 20 km driving distance from our base in Bexley NSW (by road, based on Google Maps)
  • Locations beyond the 20 km will attract a delivery fee. The delivery fee will be calculated and quoted upon receipt of your booking enquiry.
What if my venue is situated just outside zone 3?
  • Generally speaking, if your venue is situated a couple of km’s outside zone 3, we might be able to help (subject to availability)
  • If your venue is situated more than 5km outside zone 3, we may not be able to help.
What if I don’t meet the minimum spend once have I received my RSVP’s?
We understand that it can be disappointing to discover that many people on your guest list will not be able to attend and although we will allow a small leeway of about $50 below the minimum, (Zone 2 & Zone 3). If the difference is greater, here are a few things you can do:
  • Consider adding some extras such as additional food, drinking glasses, drink dispensers, champagne buckets.
  • Invite your B-list guests: If you had to leave some people off your initial list to keep the numbers down, now is the time to extend an invitation to those individuals. Although it may feel awkward to reach out to someone you didn’t initially invite, if you explain the situation tactfully and honestly, they should be pleased to be included.
  • Allow for plus ones: If you initially decided to limit your guest numbers to manage your list, consider extending the invitation to your attendees’ mum, daughter, auntie etc…