High Tea Delights Covid-19 Policy

High Tea Delights Pandemic Policy

This policy applies at any time that a NSW public health order due to COVID-19 or any other pandemic, has a direct impact upon bookings by Customers of High Tea Delights.

When a cancellation is not directly related to a NSW public health order or imposed restrictions, our standard cancellation policy applies.

– Due to the costs involved, if current restrictions do not allow 15 guests or more, we will be unable to offer our services or as per the minimum number of guests per package.

– For logistic reasons, we are unable to offer our services at public open spaces such as parks, or anywhere that shelter, electricity, running water and basic kitchen facilities are not present.

Cancellations when NSW Government restrictions are in effect:
– When an event cannot take place due to restrictions in NSW, (total lockdown or when gatherings of 15 or more guests is not allowed), the Customer will be entitled to request that the event is moved to a different date without charge. High Tea Delights will liaise with the Customer to help secure an alternative date, but it does not warrant that any dates specifically requested by the Customer will be available.

– When public health orders are in effect and gatherings of 15 guests or more are allowed, the Customer can either proceed with 15 (or more) guests up to the allowed limit, or postpone the event to a later date without penalty, provided that the Customer gives High Tea Delights sufficient written notice (at least 7 days prior to the event date). If less than 7 days notice prior to the event date is given, a 20% fee of the invoice total will apply to compensate for expenses already incurred to us by third party suppliers, labour costs, staffing costs, etc. 

– In any of the circumstances above, if the Customer elects to cancel rather than to postpone an event, the holding deposit will be forfeited and our standard cancellation policy will apply.

Cancellations due to personal reasons:
– When a cancellation is due to personal reasons not directly related to a current public health order, the holding deposit will be forfeited and our standard cancellation policy will apply.


The law on Public Health Orders in NSW

The Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) (‘the Act’) empowers state officials to make a range of enforceable directions and orders with a view to dealing with public health risks.

The power to deal with these risks is contained in section 7 of the Act, which provides that where the health minister considers on reasonable grounds that a situation has arisen that is, or is likely to be, a risk to public health, the minister may take such action or give such directions that are necessary to deal with the risk and its possible consequences.

The section makes clear that actions and orders can be made in order to:

  • Reduce or remove any risk
  • Segregate or isolate inhabitants
  • Prevent, or conditionally permit, access to areas

The section says that such an order must be published in the Gazette as soon as practicable after it is made, but that failure to do so does not invalidate the order.

Note: A suggestion such as “Be careful” is not a public health order, unless it is followed by specific directives.