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Today’s kids are a little more savvy than previous generations, not only do they know what they like, but they like to do it in style too. If this sounds like your children, then we have an extra special surprise in store for them! At High Tea Delights we offer the entire High Tea experience in our high teas for kids and its more than just a kid's party.

What makes our high tea for children stand out above the rest as the best High Tea For Kids in Sydney, is the fact the experience is genuine. We offer a real high tea experience to your young ones. Whether it's a tea party for the kids, a mad hatter's tea party or a classic tea party, High Tea Delights has it all covered!

Our High Tea packages for Children are recommended for kids between the ages of 6 and 17. Our young clients really do receive the Best High Tea for kids in Sydney. We offer the complete traditional high tea fare with all the trimmings; our luxurious tea sets, gorgeous cutlery, crisp linen, elegant silverware, specialised T2 teas for kids and professionally crafted sweet treats and savoury morsels. At High Tea Delights we treat your children like the little people they really are, our events are genuine affairs full of luxury and little delights, guaranteed to make a big impact and stand out above the rest! It’s more than just a tea party, it’s the best High Tea for Kids in Sydney.

               Kids Menu & Inclusions                                Kids Menu & Inclusions                                Kids Menu & Inclusions

High Tea Delights prides itself in offering the most genuine experiences, we understand the importance of providing everything necessary to make an occasion a stress free celebration. We even offer a specialised selection of T2 fruity teas for children that are all caffeine, lactose and nut free. Our extensive sweet and savoury menus are kid friendly - yet sophisticated, also cater for eclectic kids palates.

If planning a high tea for kids in the Sydney area we encourage you to browse our enticing gallery, not only do we offer the best High tea for children but our range of delicious food definitely receives the thumbs up. We also offer the choice of themed or classic vintage high teas, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. Childhood is such a special time, although as the years roll by, a time we realise is all too short. What better way to encapsulate the joy and freedom these years bring than with the perfect excuse to frock, lace and frill up for an afternoon of high class sophisticated treats and teas. If you’re seeking to encapsulate this wonderful time with a celebration to be recalled and relived for years to come then a high tea will certainly add a little extra pizazz and lyrical luxury.

Our high tea for kids is what fairy tales are written about and the fabric childhood memories are tailored from. Every little component that makes up our illustrious High Tea for children fits together neatly to create what can only be described as perfection; guaranteed to create a joyous and memorable experience for all the kids (and adults) who attend.

At High Tea delights we strive beyond customer satisfaction to produce the very best events for our clients. We are also truly are passionate about High tea as a cultural art and enjoy nothing more than sharing this classical custom with future generations, it’s therefore our pleasure to offer the best High Tea for kids in Sydney.
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